Chronic Fatigue and Pain due to Oxygen Deprivation

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Cold hands? Cold Feet? Tingling or numbness? Chronic hip or back pain and treatments do not help. Is this you?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it’s likely that you’ve tried a variety of treatment options as you search for pain relief. The commonly held theory is constant repetitive use can damage spinal structures and develop or worsen an existing back or neck pain problem. While this is true, there is a contributing factor that is rarely if ever considered. Tissues need healthy blood capable of carrying oxygen to the tissue for them to repair and rejuvenate.

Neuralgia is a term used describes pain, tingling, weakness or numbness in the locations throughout the body. Neuralgia is one of the most widespread forms of musculoskeletal pain. When caused by oxygen deprivation, neuralgia can be a real problem, since the actual source is rarely correctly diagnosed, leading to years of suffering .

Oxygen deprivation neuralgia is a real problem for those who suffer poor circulation to the extremities or any of the areas served nerves, which just happens to be the entire body. All of the nerve and muscle cells in the body all need oxygen in order to survive and function. When these cells are deprived of oxygen to even a small degree, by the ischemic process, painful muscular and neurological symptoms can and will result.

At low levels of oxygen deprivation, the nerve cells in a area deprived of oxygen begin to lose their ability to function correctly. Instead of a clear nerve signal, the nerves produce pain and other neurological symptoms.

At higher levels of oxygen deprivation, the muscles will also become affected, causing widespread pain and even the shear agony of neuralgic spasms.

Oxygen deprivation can occur due to an injury or disease process. However, it always involves an imbalanced Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersystem and loss of Vasomotor control. NEI Supersystem interactions with vasomotor control occur constantly, shaping all conditions of health and illness in our physical anatomies long before becoming a diagnosable disease process.

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