Why Be Gluten Free?

YB GF cover

Many have questions on why is gluten is problematic? Should they should be gluten free. Why they don’t feel any different when they stop eating gluten? What if my lab tests come back negative for gluten sensitivity, when I know there is a problem with gluten? How are lectins involved in my health?


Are Edible Enemies contributing to poor health and inflammation? Lectins cause a plethora of damage to the body, promoting chronic inflammation and sensitivity. Take the Edible Enemy Quiz to test your knowledge on lectins.

Use the Lectin Control Formula to reduce the inflammatory response that occurs due to lectin consumption. Take two capsules with each meal.

Use Registration Code: DP283 to get access to the Doctor’s Supplements Store.

Get your “Autoimmune Diet Lectin Avoidance Guidelines” eBook

Click on this image to get your Autoimmune Diet Lectin Avoidance Guidelines eBook.


2 thoughts on “Why Be Gluten Free?

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