Does Your Autoimmunity Have A Name?

24524376_sDisease names are misleading and misinform patients about their condition or disease prevention. There is a tendency in conventional medicine to name a set of symptoms as a disease. However, there is an extremely high percentage of misdiagnosis based on symptomatology.

This is further reinforced by new ICD 10 coding system where these symptoms can only apply to this code can which can only receive that treatment. The symptoms are not the disease, but conventional medicine insists on calling the symptom the disease because that way it can treat the symptom and claim success without actually addressing the underlying cause, which remains elusive because of medical metamurism. A metamur occurs when different people describe an object from their perspective, i.e. is a vase or two people.

“Autoimmunity is a disease that causes the body’s immune responses to be directed against its own tissues.” The language is backwards. Autoimmunity is not a disease that causes an attack on its own tissue. Autoimmunity  is the name given to a diagnosis of an uncontrolled, unregulated immune system. Some series of events caused the immune system to focus on your body first and then the diagnosis was pronounced after a visit to the Doctor’s office. The damnable thing with autoimmune disease is that just like the potato chip ad says, “You can’t have just one”.

Disease Names are Misleading and Misinform Patients about Restoring Their Health.

When we look at symptoms and give them disease names, which automatically distorts the selection of available treatments for a disease. If a person has high cholesterol, then the cure must be nothing other than lowering the cholesterol through drugs and diet. Ignoring the fact that dietary cholesterol accounts for less than 15% of the total cholesterol. In fact, cholesterol is so important your body manufactures it. The same goes for autoimmunity where the medical community recommends immune suppressing drugs, i.e. prednisone, naltrexone, resulting in an drug induced ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’. But instead of a virus, it is cause by medication. By suppressing the immune system, the doctor can rest assured they are treating your autoimmunity, since the definition of this ‘disease’ is the symptoms produced by an immune attack on your parts. The Alternative and Functional Medicine community take the opposite approach to the immune system. Their treatments are based on stimulation. Immune ‘Boosting’ supplements are recommended. But there is a fatal flaw in this approach to this autoimmune treatment: the immune system is uncontrolled and unregulated. I call this the ‘Backfire Approach’.

Looking for a Name

I talk with too many people looking for a name. Only then will they know what is wrong with them. While in reality it, only make it easier to do an internet search or find a sympathetic support group. You feel bad. I get it. I also experience cytokine storms from my own autoimmune system. It sucks to feel this way. I triggered this by following fad treatments in my early years. I bought into enzymes for digestion. Dr. Lee said men need progesterone too and it helps with stress. I must need it too. That was bad enough but add to it, black mold in the house. It was a recipe for disaster that I am still dealing with.

Let us look at four Hashimoto’s Autoimmune women based on lab test results. All had tried the TH1/TH2 Challenge with ambiguous results or felt worse afterwards. These four women with Hashimoto’s experienced the same overall symptoms with their own unique nuances. Let me say this now. If you are looking for someone with the same symptoms as you. You are going down the wrong path.Lectin Cytokine response Patient (1): Suffered from confusing ‘food sensitivities’. Sometime she reacted to a food. Sometimes she didn’t. Constant throat discomfort. TPO antibodies were negative. Bad digestive issues.  She felt good but didn’t feel well. DNA stool test showed oral infection.

  • Her TH1 system was suppressed. Thus no overt autoimmune symptoms. However, every time she at Soft or Hard Lectin (PHA) foods. Her TH17 immune system activated. Microbes (LPS) hacked into her NEI supersystem, confusing the immune system by shifting the focus to TH2 to escape detection by the TH1 system. Leaving TH17 activation to attempt to clean up the mess.

Patient (2): Cannot find her happy diet. No diet seems to work. Multiple microbes, mold and parasites in DNA stool test. Has trouble swallowing. TPO antibodies were fluctuating.

  • TH1 suppressed when exposed to bacteria but stimulated with Soft and Hard Lectins. Lectins drove her system into TH17 immune activation. Believe me when I say you don’t want an activated TH17 immune system.

Patient (3): Raw food Vegan eating Hard Lectins every meal. Symptoms flared up after each meal. Refused to cook or eat seasonally because her favorite websites were Raw Food proponents. Never really gets sick. Just does not feel well. Feels she can be healthy by eating just raw food. Constant throat pain.

  • Suffering from suppressed immune system from constant stimulation, preventing her from ever getting ‘sick’. Tissue damage continues to occur from inflammatory response from constant lectin exposure. Lectins binding to TSH receptors on thyroid activated TSH-receptor antibodies. Pancreas and intestinal lining damaged from lectin exposure.

Patient (4): Feels bad all the time. Sometime she reacted to a food. Sometimes she didn’t. Several years of iodine usage. Thyroid nodule with constant discomfort. Doing immune system stimulating support, i.e. supplements and bone broth.

  • Suffering from constant TH1, TH2, and TH17 immune stimulation. Bacteria and Lectins are starting to collapse the immune response. In time, after immune system fatigue occurs symptoms will seem to disappear.

24524376_sThe Answer Is Your Autoimmunity Has Your Name

Each woman is unique in her own way. Other than Hashimoto’s, there is no name for their autoimmune condition. The only one to have your autoimmune condition is you. The cytokines, chemokines and neurotransmitters are different in each and every case. There is no one size fits all nutritional supplement support. Be aware of following the latest single focus programs that violate DeJarnette’s Working Laws of Health. DeJarnette’s Working Laws of Health

  • No single part can be understood except in relation to the whole.
  • No part of the body can be isolated from its relationship to the other parts of the body.
  • No part can exist only in & of itself.
  • After the primary lesion, everything the body is does is defensive in nature.
  • The defensive measure continues until the primary lesion is corrected.

The Alternative and Functional Medicine community has a bad habit of using the ‘Backfire Approach’. The Alternative and Functional Medicine community take the opposite approach to the immune system. Their treatments are based on stimulation. Immune ‘Boosting’ supplements or Bone Broth are recommended. But there is a fatal flaw in this approach to this autoimmune treatment: the immune system is uncontrolled and unregulated. Memory immune cells are going to prevent you from eating your way out of this. You need to work with someone capable of identifying your unique circumstances that looks at all the systems. You need someone that looks at how the cytokines, chemokines and neurotransmitters are acting in your body. I look at the NEI Supersystem and all the parts of your body. Sometimes you have to decide if it is the chicken or the egg. I have learned from my own health issues that following the crowd was not in my health’s best interest. Call today! 530-615-4083

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