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Top Ten Post for the Past Three Months.

It is always interesting to see what others are looking at. Scroll down to read a brief paragraph for the top ten posts over the last three months.

10. Is This You? Do You Suffer From Insulin Resistance?

Unfortunately many people don’t notice the arrival of insulin resistance symptoms before it’s too late, because they have been educated that their symptoms are caused by other more popular conditions, i.e. Hypothyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have the same symptoms. Many do not fit the physical stereotype of – Female, Fat and Forty. If they do – the gallbladder is removed and hormones are prescribed. The early influence of insulin resistance usually manifests in the middle-aged man, but young men in their late 20’s may also have functional imbalances in their hormone physiology resulting in Andropause or more popularly known in advertising as “Low-T”. Read More.

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Three Stages of a Woman’s’ Life Requires Three Different Estrogens

Hormone Imbalance & Autoimmune Disease

9. The Probiotic Paradox

The Probiotic Paradox is that both live and dead bacteria in probiotic products can generate biological responses. The use of probiotics in an unhealthy gut can result in immune dysregulation, bacterial translocation into the lymph and blood and increased inflammation. The Probiotic Paradox is that the action of probiotics are dependent upon the health of the gastrointestinal tract, immune status and how established a disease process is. Read More.

Should You Use Prebiotics? Prebiotics: Friend or Foe?

8. Why Do I Feel So Bad When I Eat So Healthy?

The Lectin Free Diet Seasonal Avoidance Guidelines are an intervention protocol to allow the Gastrointestinal lining time to repair, replenishment of inhibitory neurotransmitters and anti-inflammatory cytokines and reduce Thyroid glandular exposure to lectins. The Avoidance of Lectins will be beneficial for those suffering from an Invisible Illness, Cytokine Storms and Cytokine-Induced Sickness Behavior. Read More.

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How could it be possible that a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables could contribute to Autoimmune Disease? The simple answer is non-seasonal fruits are picked immature and gas ripened by the produce department of the grocery store. Vegetables are picked when they are bolting and going to seed. When fruit is picked immature or vegetable bolt and begin producing seeds, both are high in lectins to protect their next generation. Have you ever noticed that the basil in your herb garden get bitter when it starts to flower? That is the lectins making it taste bad so you do not eat it.  Once in your body lectins that are designed to poison insects will do the same in your body. Read More.

7. The Effects of Oral Health on Thyroid Abnormalities

Thyroid Abnormalities and Oral Health

Those suffering from thyroid conditions may experience recurrent gum bleeding, easy bruising, and chronic fatigue. Hypothyroid patients have capillary blood supply alterations in gum tissues. Those suffering from thyroid issues also have enhanced periodontal bone loss as tooth-supporting alveolar bone is less sensitive to hormonal signals.

6. Bone Broth for Autoimmune Support

Bone Broth & Functional Medicine

While bone broth is an immune stimulator. Is it a good idea to stimulate the immune system with autoimmune, immunostimulated, immunosuppressed, immunocompromized or cancer patients? Granted immunosuppressed may feel better for a short time but constant provocation/stimulation of the chemokine and cytokines of TH1, TH2 & TH17 systems can have adverse consequences. It is generally believed that immune over-activation is a major contributor to multiple organ dysfunction. Read More.


5.  The Bowel Truth: What Stools Will Tell About Your Health

What Does an Ideal Bowel Movement Look Like?

13776699_sIf all goes, as it should, you’ll end up with a healthy bowel movement. Although digestive idiosyncrasies, variations in intestinal bacteria, and other variables can produce different standards for a healthy stool, in general it should be brown to light brown; formed but not hard; cylindrical, not flattened; fairly bulky and full-bodied, not compacted; somewhat textured but not too messy; and very easy to pass. And it shouldn’t smell – much. You’re passing methane and bacterial, degraded foodstuffs, so there’s always going to be a little odor, but it shouldn’t be a very strong, pungent odor. Read More.

4. Five Steps for Low Thyroid Symptom Relief

Some women have already been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, others are experiencing symptoms, but still show thyroid levels in a normal range (called subclinical Hypothyroidism), and some are simply wondering how to support their thyroid and prevent future issues. It’s common knowledge that you can take a prescription for an underactive thyroid, but did you know that you can find natural thyroid symptom relief? Read More.

3. Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and H. pylori Infection

Multiple elements contribute to the origins of autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD). The classical paradigm of autoimmune pathogenesis involving a specific genetic makeup and exposure to environmental triggers has been challenged by the addition of a third element: the loss of intestinal barrier function.

Among these multiple elements, bacteria play a role in the loss of the intestinal barrier function in addition to contributing to the conditions necessary to create a cytokine storm for the onset of autoimmune conditions. For instance, Yersinia enterocolitica seems to be involved in the pathogenesis of Graves’ disease (GD), probably through a mechanism of molecular mimicry between bacterial antigens and thyroid constituents. Read More.

2. Am I TH1 or TH2 or TH17?

It is much better to provoke an immune response in a laboratory setting than suffer the consequences of a failed TH1/TH2 challenge. The Neuroscience NEI Gold (5516) determines the baseline immune status and whether lectins (PHA) or bacteria (LPS) provoke a TH1, TH2 or TH17 response. As seen in Fig. 1 the immune system can fail when provoked (blue color) resulting in a suppressed immune system. Measurement of stimulated cytokines can identify the presence of an excited or suppressed immune status. Read More.

1. The Link Between Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the Herpes Rash?

A Local Dermatologist told us he is upsetting the GI docs because he is diagnosing gluten sensitivity/celiac more than they are. He is sending patients out to be tested for gluten sensitivity/celiac when he sees these blistering rashes. He says if the fluid from one of these blisters is collected and tested it comes back very frequently positive for gluten sensitivity. However, most these rashes are so itchy, patients scratch and break the blisters before it can be collected. Read More.

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