Weighty mistakes: are under-eating and/or over-exercising ruining your metabolism?

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“One of the greatest hindrances to the achievement of great health and vitality is the widespread notion that we should exercise as much as possible and eat as little as possible” Matt Stone, obesity researcher & health writer

When weight loss is a goal, most people tend to assume they must cut their food intake and drastically step up the exercise regime. Their portions dwindle and stretches between meals become longer, whilst they increasingly push harder and for longer at the gym in the hope of obtaining desired fat-loss. On top of this, they may dip their toes into the murky pool of fad diets, succumbing to the lures and promises of various regimes (vegetarian, macrobiotic, raw foods, superfood, primal, paleo, food combining, fasting, Atkins, Dukan… the list goes on).

When this type of behaviour repeats itself time and time again, as is commonly the case with your average yo-yo…

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