A friend of my friend is the real enemy. Hashimoto’s best friend is Autoimmune. It is very unfortunate that the autoimmune component of Hashimoto’s always gets overlooked.

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Yankee Skeptic

“My Friend Hashimoto” is not the name of the newest film from Hayao Miyazaki. It is the name of an immune system problem, Hashimoto’s disease, a disease I now know I have.

You might wonder why the diagnosis of a thyroid disease would be a good topic for a skeptic blog, but critical thinking is important to remember all the time, not just when dealing with UFOs and Bigfoot. When it comes to your personal health, it’s important not only to be skeptical of alternative medicine, it’s also important to be questioning and well informed about mainstream medicine.

Doctors sometimes say diagnosis is both a science and an art. The ability to piece together all the clues and come up with a diagnosis needs to be a team effort. That team is made up of doctors, your own personal physician who knows you well and specialists, and the patient and…

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