Great tips on staying fit through the holidays.

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Written by: Lizzie Fuhr, Fitsugar

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be tough for even the fittest folks. Cooler weather makes working out more difficult, and getting caught up in the hype of the holidays makes putting off a workout even easier. If you’re ready to stick to your plan — and to not make getting fit your New Year’s resolution for yet another year — then practice these tips

It’s Not a Cheat Month

Even though there’s plenty of fun to be had, you’ve got to set limitations with yourself. Even though people crave comfort food during the winter, you’ve got to continue to make healthy choices all December long. Plan ahead when you know you’ll be indulging. And be sure to appropriately indulge so you don’t end up binging on a big plate of Christmas cookies!

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When you know that you’ve got a…

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